WiibooxSweetin Food-grade Coffee Printer Latte Art Barista Machine Digital Inkjet Cake Desserts Decoration Maker

November 3, 2019 - Comment

Specifications Product Dimension: 13*7.5*17.3 Inch (33 x 19 x 44 CM)Dimension of Display Pad: 7.6*5.1 Inch (19.3*12.9 CM)Screen Resolution: 640*480 pixelsMemory Capacity of Display Pad: 2GNet Weight: 8.6KGPower: 60WVoltage: 100V-240V 50/60HzPrint Speed: 10-20s/CupPrint Height(Height of Cup): 1.97*9.45 Inch (5-24 CM)Diameter of Cup: 1.57*3.94 Inch (4-10 CM)Capacity of ink cartridge: 25MLInk Cartridge: Certified Food-Grade Ink CartridgeColor

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Product Dimension: 13*7.5*17.3 Inch (33 x 19 x 44 CM)
Dimension of Display Pad: 7.6*5.1 Inch (19.3*12.9 CM)
Screen Resolution: 640*480 pixels
Memory Capacity of Display Pad: 2G
Net Weight: 8.6KG
Power: 60W
Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Print Speed: 10-20s/Cup
Print Height(Height of Cup): 1.97*9.45 Inch (5-24 CM)
Diameter of Cup: 1.57*3.94 Inch (4-10 CM)
Capacity of ink cartridge: 25ML
Ink Cartridge: Certified Food-Grade Ink Cartridge
Color of ink cartridge: single color, coffee, (default color is coffee, matcha and golden yellow also available in the shop for choice)

Product Features

  • Coffee Printer to Make You a Professional Latte Artist. There are 66 preset classic coffee decoration patterns for your choice. Also, you can use your own photo in your phone.And, you can edit a text to print. You can print any of your photo on the drinks top to get a cup of personalized drink.
  • Multi-function Edible Printer for Not Only Coffee. It can also print on beers, cookies, yogurt, cakes, macarons and other drinks and desserts.
  • High Printing Efficiency. 10-20 seconds to finish a cup. Perfect for home and business use.
  • Easy to Operate, No APP or Software Required. Connect the printer to your WIFI, and then just scan the QR Code with your phone on the printer screen and then upload your phone pictures or take a photo with your phone camera or choose the printer preset patterns to start printing.
  • Food-Grade Ink Cartridge. The printer comes with an Ink Cartridge(25ml, coffee color) installed, which can print up to 800-1000 cups. One Ink Cartridge can last 6 months after opened. If it is used up, just buy another one as a replacement which is sold in the shop with just $69 each.


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