Pero Instant Beverage, 7 Ounce

March 13, 2018 - Comment

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Product Features

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Jeff & Wendy S says:

Great coffee substitute – equal to Roma and Cafix for a bit less 4.5 stars.Six months ago we gave up coffee and now we hardly miss it. We tried “Roma” and we’re really impressed, and then ordered Cafix and Pero. In the final analysis, I think I have to go with what another reviewer wrote – they’re all so similar that you might just want to go with whichever is cheapest at the time.The main difference is that Pero comes in a very lightweight container and is in a powder form. Roma and Cafix come in a heavier traditional coffee jar and are in…

Tami Stafford says:

Decent Coffee Substitute As a recent Mormon convert, I’ve kicked coffee and was desperately searching for something healthy to replace it. After reading all of the fantastic reviews of Pero, I had high hopes. Initially, I was somewhat disappointed; the container tells you to use 1 tsp. Pero per cup but that just makes for light brown water with no actual taste. After a lot of experimenting, I’ve discovered that using half water, half milk and about 3 TBSP. of Pero tastes best. Sometimes I also add a little agave…

TSS says:

Acceptable taste but overpriced for the amount of product received. Purchased for my mother who wanted Postum but unable to find it. I do not drink coffee or coffee type beverages myself so am unable to rate the taste myself. My mother, however, is completely satisfied with the product. I did not give it five stars because I believe it to be a ridiculous price for just 7 ounces. I would not have paid that for myself but my mother is very old and doesn’t ask for much. I asked her if she liked this more or less than Postum and she replied that she likes them both…

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