Brew Rite Rockline Wrap Around Percolator Coffee Filters (6-Packs of 55ct)

November 16, 2018 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Two Solutions The wraps make clean up easy and the total cost for three packs was comparable to local prices. An alternative to wraps is to just paper punch center holes into 8-12 cup basket filters. Provided the percolator still has the top to the filter basket, they work just fine.

Anonymous says:

The jury is out. I bought these to use in an older percolator.(larger basket style that needed the old 4″-4.5″ filters)Being a larger square that folds up and makes a self contained pouch does make cleaning the percolatorbasket easier. BUT is does take a few seconds longer to get your pot ready. If I knew this in advance…I probably would not have purchased the large amount of filters that I did. (should have experimented withthe smallest package)

Anonymous says:

Best filters ever These are PERFECT. My husbands will not drink anything once he finds a coffee ground in it….getting him to try percolated coffee was a challenge because there was always little grounds in the coffee…..BUT once I put one of these in the basket–not any more grounds and now he is addicted to percolated coffee and is so glad I kept asking him to please try!

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